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Nanotechnology Safety Focus

Nanotechnology is a topic of significant interest among researchers. The opportunities for novel applications continue to grow as more and more are understood about the characteristics of nanomaterials. The promise on these developments appears to be able to enhance the quality of life through novel applications of nanomaterials to the cure of cancer. The ability to produce material that is both stronger than steel and significantly lighter in weight provide the ability to create stronger vehicles that can be more energy efficient. The applications span the entire spectrum of scientific endeavors. The Ingram School of Engineering has additional efforts that address the issues of safety regarding the handling, processing, and application of nanomaterials.

Emerging Technology Commercialization

Faculty members of Texas State University are working with a number of emerging technology companies. We have successfully worked with companies who have applied for and received Texas Emerging Technology Fund [TETF] awards. A key requirement of the TETF is to have a solid collaboration with a university for a portion of the research. With numerous faculty that have worked in both industry and academia, the knowledge of both environments provides faculty with the ability to advise on solutions for problems that can be applied in product development. THe University also provides the licensing of its intellectual property to creative people who are interesting in taking technology to commercialization. For more information on these programs, please contact Office of Commercialization and Industrial Relations.

The NAC Changes

Effective August 1, 2010 the NanoMaterials Application Center changed and is independent of Texas State University ownership. To visit the privately owned Nanotechnology Advancement Center, please click on the button on the right.

Texas State University returned ownership of the Nanomaterials Application Center to Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc., effective August 1, 2010.  All functions of the Center will be under control of Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc. management.  In February, 2003, Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc. transferred ownership of the then named "Nanoparticles Applications Center" to Texas State University. Texas State, in collaboration with Applied Nanotech, Inc. and strong support of Winstead, helped manage and grow the Center by promoting solid scientific advancements in technology, disseminating nanotechnology research information, and helping emerging technology companies. 

The University will continue to focus its efforts on the development of nanotechnology breakthroughs in the fields of research through the Ingram School of Engineering and the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Technology.  The University is continuing to work with emerging technology companies and has supported a number of successful ETF awardees.

The Nanomaterials Applications Center has matured to a point where operationally it is more effective to be managed by a dedicated enterprise than a public university. This new dedicated enterprise, Nanotechnology Advancement Center, will be configured as a non-profit organization and is in the process of forming a steering committee that will be comprised of Texas, national and international experts in nanotechnology. The founders' vision for the most important roles of Nanotechnology Advancement Center is:

  • to become a center for inventory and assessment of nanotechnology assets and activities in Texas and worldwide;
  • to become a network for competence and public education in the field of nanotechnology and its commercialization;
  • to become a "lightning rod" for explaining and mitigating nanotechnology related effects on humans and the environment;
  • to become the potential Texas partner to other similar national and international centers of nanotechnology.

For more information or to investigate the possibilities of collaborating with us, please contact:


Walt Trybula, Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, SPIE Fellow

Texas State University-San Marcos
Ingram School of Engineering and
Office of Commercialization and Industry Relations

San Marcos, TX 78666
phone: +1.512.245.6062; fax: +1.512.245.7771